Hat-trick là gì? Cầu thủ nào ghi được hat-trick đầu tiên?

Khái niệm hat-trick trong bóng đá và cầu thủ nào là người ghi được hat-trick đầu tiên?

Origin of the term “hat-trick” in cricket

The term hat-trick originated from the sport of cricket. In 1858, when athlete HH Stephenson achieved three consecutive successful bowling deliveries in a match, it was referred to as a hat-trick.

Subsequently, many other sports started using this phrase, including ice hockey and football.

When is a hat-trick officially recognized?

You can achieve a hat-trick without scoring all three goals consecutively in a match. Goals can be scored within regular playing time, through a penalty kick, or even in extra time. However, a hat-trick is not recognized in a penalty shootout if the match has gone to a tiebreaker after 120 minutes.

A football player who achieves a hat-trick receives a commemorative match ball at the end of the game. If two players score a hat-trick in the same football match, the player who scored the first hat-trick will receive the commemorative match ball, while the second player will receive an unused ball as a memento at the end of the match.

Khái niệm hat-trick trong bóng đá và cầu thủ nào là người ghi được hat-trick đầu tiên?

“Perfect” hat-trick

A perfect hat-trick expands on the traditional concept of a hat-trick in football, including scoring one goal with the head, one with the left foot, and one with the right foot. A perfect hat-trick is one of the rarest achievements in football.

As of January 2022, only 34 players have achieved this feat in top-tier competitions. Among these players, Robbie Fowler has achieved it three times, and Yakubu has achieved it twice.

Who scored the first official hat-trick in a football match and in the World Cup?

John McDougall, a member of the Scotland national team, scored the first hat-trick in an international match against England in 1878.

Bert Patenaude scored the first hat-trick for the Paraguay national team in the World Cup on July 17, 1930. There was some controversy regarding the three goals, but FIFA officially recognized it in 2006.

Who holds the record for the most hat-tricks in football history?

Pelé holds the record for the most hat-tricks in football with 92. According to Goal.com, Cristiano Ronaldo also has a significant number of hat-tricks in the world of football, with 58 as of January 2022. He is also the player with the most international hat-tricks, with 10 as of January 2022.

Lionel Messi ranks second on the list of hat-trick scorers. According to Sportz Point, Lionel Messi has scored 55 hat-tricks as of January 2022.

Khái niệm hat-trick trong bóng đá và cầu thủ nào là người ghi được hat-trick đầu tiên?

Fastest hat-trick in history

The fastest hat-trick in football belongs to Alex Torr, who scored it in 70 seconds in 2013. The previous record belonged to Tommy Ross, who achieved it in 90 seconds.

What is higher than a hat-trick?

Scoring four goals in a single match is known as a haul, a super hat-trick, or most commonly a poker. If a player scores five goals, it is called a repoker or less commonly a glut or quintuplé. Lionel Messi scored five goals in a Champions League match for Barcelona against Bayer Leverkusen. Sergio Aguero also scored five goals in a single Premier League match while playing for Man City.

A “double hat-trick” in football occurs when a player scores six goals in a match. Scoring six goals in a match is extremely rare, and only four players have achieved it: Andy Scott, Johnnie Mullington, Syd Carter, and Albert Valentine.

In summary, a hat-trick in football occurs when a player scores three goals in a single match. Scoring three goals as an individual or as a team is difficult, let alone achieving this milestone as an individual player. If players can score three goals in a match, they will receive a commemorative match ball as a memento.

The probability of a hat-trick occurring is less than 4%. This means that if you are present at a match and witness a hat-trick, you are part of football history!

Experts often make predictions about matches that have a high likelihood of a hat-trick, but the accuracy of these predictions is relatively moderate.

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